Multi Thermo Ventilator - 3rd Generation

  • Multi-Functions: Heating, Ventilation, Laundry Dryer, Circulation 


  • Stable airflow enabled by Phaseless Speed Change 


  • Vertical Auto-Swing Air Outlet

  • Energy Saving with the user of DC Motor 

  • Equipped with Air Ionizers 

  • Antibacterial Air Filter

  • Utilizes IPx4 Water Resistant, Anti-UV and Fireproof Material

Retail Price: ​$2,380

Product Specification


Model No.: C200                                 

Power Rating: 1350/2000W                                

Installation: Window/ Ceiling                              

Adjustable Airflow Capacity: 145-188m³/h         

Adjustable Countdown Timer: 24 hours           

Main Product Dimension (mm): (H)250 x (W)250 x (D)265         

Window Opening Dimension (mm): (H)205 x (W)205  

Fig 1. Main Product Dimension

Fig 2. Window Opening Dimension

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