Ceiling-Type Dehumidifier

  • Petite Machine with Full Dehumidifying Capacity 

  • 6-in-1 Functions: Dehumidifying, Circulation, Ventilation, Laundry Dryer, Heating, Heat Dryer

  • Dehumidification Capacity of 9.5L/24 Hours

  • Three Directions Compatible Air Exhaust Pipe

  • Auto-Swing Air Outlet

  • Equipped with Air Ionizers  

  • Easily Detachable Filter for Cleaning

Retail Price: ​$4,880

Product Specification


Model No.: TDC-90                                      

Power Rating: 2000W                              

Dehumidification Capacity: 9.5L/day                

Adjustable Airflow Capacity: 130-220m³/h           

Adjustable Countdown Timer: 24 hours       


Control Type: 2.4G RF Remote                                 


Front Cover Dimension(mm): (H)440 x (W)325           

Main Product Dimension (mm): (H)397 x (W)269 x (D)220        

Window Opening Dimension (mm): (H)397 x (W)269   

Fig 1. Front Cover Dimension

Fig 2. Main Product Dimension

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