Hybrid Electric Water Heater - Mechanical Control

  • Patented Inner Tank Design (Patent No.: CN104048400B)

  • Energy Saving (Energy Consumption 0.5kWh/day)

  • Automatic Operation

  • Single Phase

  • Multi-Water Outlet Connections

  • Adjustable between 3kW or 4kW according to household needs

Retail Price: ​$3,380

Product Specification

Model No.: IWM-18TT-3 / IWM-18TT-4

Capacity: 18L                                  


Power Rating: 2.8kW / 4kW     

Rated Current: 13A / 18.1A 


Nominal Pressure: 0.1-1.0MPa                  


Outlet Temperature: 80°C


Minimum Operating Flow Rate: 2L/min   

Weight With Water: 23kg                   

Dimensions(mm): (W)370 x (H)695 x (D)200                  


Standard of Compliance: IEC 60335-1 / IEC60335-21 / EN62233 / EMF            

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