Instantaneous Water Heater

  • Full Electronic Control

  • Precise temperature adjustment between 28-60 degrees celsius 

  • High Temperature Protection Function 

  • Three Phase

  • Multi-Water Outlet Connections

  • Adjustable power rating (18kW or 21kW) according to household needs

Retail Price: ​$3,380

Product Specification

Model No.: INH-18 / INH-21

Voltage: 360V / 50Hz 

Power Rating: 18kW / 21kW

Rated Current: 27A / 33A

Outlet Temperature: 28 - 60°C

Hot Water Flow Rate: 9.2L/min / 10.7L/min

Minimum Flow Rate: 2.8L / min

Required Cable Size: 4mm² 

Product Weight: 3.7kg 

Dimensions: (W)156 x (H)320 x (D)80mm

Standard of Compliance: IEC 60335-1 / IEC 60335-35 / EN62233 / EMF Standard of Compliance/ Guidance Notes for the Electrical Products

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