External Thermostat for Water Heater

  • Stabilizes water outlet temperature for comfortable showers*

  • Designed for Hong Kong electric water heaters, suitable for all unvented types

  • Utilizes 59 Brass such that water would not be polluted

  • Mechanical control reduces the probability of failure

  • Minimizes chances of scalding

*Effect depends on the hot water supply of the water heater and its efficiency

Retail Price: ​$800

Product Specification


Model No.: TV-100                         


Piping: 1/2" BSP

Center Pipe Connection: 100mm                    

Material: 59 Brass


Adjustable Temperature Range: 38-55°C

Weight: 1.2kg              


Dimensions(mm): (W)125 x (H)75 x (D)250

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